Farmers Empowerment Program

Mama Layla initiated an empowerment program aimed at supporting small-scale farmers. The approach is holistic and hands-on; Mama Layla walks the entire journey with farmers—from planting to harvesting to market, providing continuous guidance and support.

By equipping smallholder farmers with the necessary tools, knowledge, and financial backing, Mama Layla’s program creates a sustainable agricultural model that fosters economic growth and community development. Through this initiative, we are committed to making a tangible difference in the lives of farmers and their families, ultimately contributing to the broader goal of food security and economic prosperity.

Our Farming Journey

Mama Layla and our partners provide a holistic and hands-on approach. We walk the entire journey with farmers – from pre-planting, planting, harvesting to market. We provide the farmers with continuous guidance and support.
We’ve compiled a Farmers Journey report that highlights the farming process; from pre-project meeting, use of solar media, financing, to the harvesting stage.
Prior to the commencement of the project, Mama Layla together with its partners, met local farmers where we explained the benefits of joining the project and how it would be run.
The nursery stage is the very beginning of a plant’s life on a farm. Seeds are sown in protected areas with controlled conditions like temperature, moisture, and sunlight.
In the farming journey, transplanting is the stage where young plants, grown from seeds in a sheltered environment like a nursery, are moved to their permanent location in the field.
The hardwork of the farmers, the agronomy support and proactive measures taken throughout the farming process provided have set the farms for bountiful harvest.
The farmers receive farming education via the Solar Media. They also receive regular support from the project agronomist, financial and input assistance from our partners.