About Us

Nairobi based Mama Layla is a socially responsible enterprise created by like-minded social entrepreneur investors to benefit people and the environment. We aim to create impact in the lives of millions of Kenyans still using kerosene and no access to electricity.

This is not only expensive but enormously hazardous to their health and the environment. Mama Layla Solar Ltd has incorporated a sustainable business model of employment and enables local assembly of all solar powered lighting and media systems.

Our Founding Vision

“The vision is to set up multiple assembly centers across Kenya – employing mainly marginalized women and the youth to learn new skills and earn their livelihoods. I know the struggles of single parenting as well as financial challenges all too well from my personal experience.

This is why it was important for me to support a cause which facilitates and incorporates Women’s education, employment and empowerment as well as the use of clean energy.”

Roshan Ahmed
Founding Director, Mama Layla Solar Ltd

Our Intention

Empower and support the marginalized women and communities in Kenya through skills training & employment, education and fostering entrepreneurship in the solar sector. Eliminate darkness in rural areas through sustainable lighting solutions.

Changing Lives with Solar Media

Our Partners