Mama Layla’s lamps bring clean and affordable lighting as well as,
• Ability for students to complete their studies.
• Business opportunities for vendors and entrepreneurs.
• Employment and profit-sharing for local women and youth.
• Build esteem within employees and families.

Two out three persons in Sub-Saharan Africa lack power. Many are not connected to a grid or cannot afford to pay for the electricity it provides.

Alternatives such as kerosene consume about 10% of a rural family’s income for four hours of light, and emit indoor pollutants and greenhouse gases. Kerosene is a leading cause of childhood burns and poisoning.

Some facts
• Kerosene pollutants contribute to 4.3 million premature deaths annually (WHO).
• Up to ½ of fatal childhood burns result from lamps in some countries (WHO).
• Kerosene lamps are responsible for the equivalent of 5% of US carbon emissions.
• Students rated limited lighting as the main challenge to their education.
• Solar lamp projects have increased study times by 82%.
• Each lamp can save ½ tonne of carbon emissions per year.

Our solar LED lights provide a highly reliable alternative source for lighting compared to kerosene or any other fuel based lanterns or wicks. We offer a range of lights for different applications and budgets. LED mini and study models provide 4-8 hours of light and fully charge in 3 to 7 hours. The multi-function light performs up to 100 hours.

The lights we source have proven international track record in projects and are built to last and come with a 1 year guarantee. Our local technicians are also available to make repairs if necessary which offers an advantage over lower cost imports.

Accessing affordable energy presents a significant hurdle for rural Kenyans. Kerosene can cost as much as $15 per month for a family (5-20% of monthly income). A grid connection, if available, can cost $1,400 per home, well out of reach for most.

By using Mama Layla solar lights instead of kerosene lamps, families can save enough money to recoup their purchase cost in about 1 month for our smallest lamp to 4 months for the larger task light. Cost savings over time can be substantial and free up much needed income for householders. For the poorest of families who need our lights the most, donations or microfinance are the best way of funding them.

Mama Layla’s lights durable lights can be repaired locally and last 3-4 years offering families the best opportunity to gain long term financial benefit.

ProductCost Per Kit ($)
Mini Lights5.52
Study Lights22.99
Task Lights53.79
Home Lights124.14

Solar Study Light

Specifically designed for study purpose for students. This solar light is ideal for rural areas where students struggle to learn in dimly lit rooms.

Technical Specs
• 0.5 Watt LED
• 1 Watt Solar Panel
• Charges in just 6-7 hours in direct sunlight
• 2 Mode Operation – Low & High
• Flexible goose-neck for better positioning

Working hours on a full charge
• 8 Hours in Low Mode
• 6 Hours in High Mode

Study Solar Lights

Solar Task Light

Heavy duty all purpose solar light. Ideal for use in the home or outside.

Technical Specs
• 3 Watt LED
• 3 Watt independent Solar Panel
• Charges in 7-8 hours in direct sunlight
• 3 Mode Operation – Low, Medium & High
• Option to charge mobiles

Working hours on a full charge
• 100 Hours in low-Light Mode
• 42 Hours in Medium light Mode
• 12 hours in Bright Light Mode
• 08 hours in Super Bright Light Mode

Solar Task Lights

Solar Home Light

Lights up the entire home with 3 bright lights connected to single console. It also has an option to charge mobile phones. This light is ideal for homes in remote villages, rural areas or areas with no electricity.

Technical Specs
• 2 Watt LED Light – 1 No
• 1 Watt LED Light – 2 Nos
• 6.5 Watt independent Solar Panel
• Charges in 7-8 hours in direct sunlight
• 3 Mode Operation – Low, Medium & High ( for the 2 Watt LED Light)
• Option to charge mobiles

Working hours on a full charge
• Up to 12 Hours when all the 3 lights are on

Solar Home Lights