Solar Media - A Revolutionary Product

Mama Layla’s Solar Media is a revolutionary solar product that is designed to aid in education and provide homes with clean lighting.

The stand out feature of the Solar Media is the interactive display interface (screen) that user can use to watch, read or listen to informative, educative and entertainment content.

The Solar Media system includes a portable solar panel, a mobile charging power bank and three LED bulbs. For families with a small budget, this is an ideal choice.

Benefits of the Solar Media

Education: Learners can access customised education content that is appropriate for school-aged children. 

Agriculture: With the Solar Media, farmers receive up to date farming techniques, tips, information on plant diseases and more. 

Skills Building: With its easy-to-use interface, users can utilise Solar Media to learn and sharpen their skills in any area of interest.

Health Knowledge: Solar Media can be used to provide  information on preventative measures against diseases.

Changing Lives with Solar Media

Featured Partnership: KENSWED

Solar Media - Mama Layla Kenswed M-School Hub
M-School Hubs
Mama Layla, in partnership with Kenswed TVET, is empowering communities through a comprehensive vocational training program.
Cloud School Program
The cloud school program is aimed at meeting the challenges faced by group of prospective students when it comes to access to education.
Tertiary School Giving Hope to Poor & Vulnerable Youth in Laikipia.
About Kenswed
Kenswed is an institution aimed to provide the less privileged youths in the society with an opportunity to acquire skills.

About Mama Layla

About Us
Nairobi based Mama Layla is a socially responsible enterprise created by like-minded social entrepreneur investors to benefit people and the environment. We aim to create impact in the lives of millions of Kenyans still using kerosene and no access to electricity. Mama Layla Solar Ltd has incorporated a sustainable business model of employment and enables local assembly of all solar powered lighting and media systems.

Our Intention

Empower and support the marginalized women and communities in Kenya through skills training & employment, education and fostering entrepreneurship in the solar sector. Eliminate darkness in rural areas through sustainable lighting solutions.

Our Partners