Cloud Schools Program


The objectives of the cloud school program are:

  • Train youth in remote areas.
  • Provide education in a mode that is flexible and self-paced learning.
  • Affordable training.
  • Provide career advancement opportunities.
  • Enable individuals achieve personal enrichment.
  • Impart entrepreneurial mindset.

Target Groups

The cloud school program is open to all who will be interested. The requisite requirement will only be age. People over 18 years qualify with any educational background.

About the Project

The Kenswed (KVTC) cloud school program is aimed at meeting the challenges faced by prospective students. Young people who are strangled by financial challenges and who in the short term have to move their need for tertiary education lower in their priority list since survival is more important.

Using technology that resonates with the circumstances of the youth, KVTC cloud school program will deliver educational content at the closes proximity to the youth using smartphones, tablets, and solar media devices. Accessibility is either online or offline.

By so doing, the youth can be able to get skilled at little cost without compromise of quality since the content in the platform is of the same quality as that used in the college with regular students but presented in a way that meets the needs of distance learning.

Courses and Content

KVTC is currently offering the following courses in the cloud school program on the piloting phase:
  • Hairdressing – 3 months.
  • Computer programming – 4 terms.
  • Pastry cook – 6 months.
All students taking these courses also taking Entrepreneurship as a common unit.