Solar Media

Mama Layla’s Solar Media is a revolutionary solar product that is designed to aid in education and provide homes with clean lighting. The Solar Media system includes a portable solar panel, a mobile charging power bank and three LED bulbs. For families with a small budget, this is an ideal choice.

The stand out feature of the Solar Media is the interactive display interface (screen) that users can use to watch, read or listen to informative, educative and entertainment content.

Benefits of the Solar Media

1. Education
The Solar Media can be used for learning purposes, thus assisting users in their education journey. Learners can access customised education content that is appropriate for school-aged children. 

2. Agriculture
With the Solar Media, farmers receive up to date farming techniques, tips, information on plant diseases and how to protect their plants, types of fertilisers to use and much more. With this information, farmers will improve their crops yields and income. 

This information on better farming practices is shared via the Solar Media and reaches those in remote places (last mile) who don’t have access to internet connectivity or electricity.

3. Health Knowledge
Solar Media can be used to provide relevant and up to date information on protective and preventative measures against diseases and pandemics such as COVID-19. With it, users can also access daily hygiene tips e.g. clean cooking, food storage etc.

4. Skills Building
With its easy-to-use interface, users can utilise Solar Media to learn and sharpen their skills in any area of interest. This includes farming, cooking, carpentry, equipment and machine repair and solar installation among others.

5. Job Creation
Solar Media video content update, equipment maintenance and repair require labour and thus provide employment opportunities.
In addition, with the skills learnt, users are more likely to get employed or start their own businesses.

6. Environment
Solar Media offers clean and affordable lighting to households thus preventing cases of fire hazards and respiratory diseases caused by candles and kerosene lamps.

The use of Solar Media, a clean solar powered energy source, helps reduce carbon footprint.

Technical Specs
• Solar Panel – 20W.
• Charges in just 6 hours.
• Video-only Runtime – 8 hours.
• Lighting-only Runtime (3*2W LEDs) – 10 hours.
• Phone Charging – 4 times fully charged.
• Storage – 16 GB ( can be upgraded upto 32 GB.